Rescue Block Party Was A Success!!

Rescue Block Party hosted by Chew-That in Ottawa. It was to help raise funds for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, Sit With Me, and the Ottawa Dog Rescue. It was a hot afternoon but a great time was had by all. Especially all the puppies in attendance. They even got to take pics with a firetruck! Only saw one cat there though, and he was amazing. A huge Main Coon named Ranger. He was bigger than some of the dogs I met and he was the runt of his litter. Beautiful and majestic guy.  I managed to take a few pics while there, many of them of the same little guy who I would have adopted if I could have. All of the adoptable animals had  bandannas on saying they were adoptable and what organization they were with. This one little guy was so small that his bandanna turned into a cape. He was all sorts of super!


Check out the rest of the pics in my Facebook album


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