AAW – Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue

This weeks AAW – Animal Awareness Wednesday spotlight is on Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue!

“Sit With Me is an Ontario-based rescue who strongly believes that shelter dogs deserve better than being abandoned by those who were tasked with being responsible for them.” 

“We do not discriminate based on breed, age, medical background or current medical state. Those animals that need them most, those who are in jeopardy of losing their lives due to space or time in a shelter, will be the dogs we seek out for rescue. “

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the dogs from SWM at the Rescue Block Party a few weeks ago. All of the dogs were well behaved and happy as clams to be out and about. Some of you may remember the little guy I shared a picture of whose bandanna was so big it was a cape (pictured above). His name is Buzz and he’s currently one of the featured adoptable on their website.

Sit With Me Logo



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