DRC Heads to Montreal Comiccon

Time to pack the bags for a road trip!

Anyone who saw my panel at Ottawa Comiccon this past May about building Skeksis costumes, knows that I know a little bit about the Dark Crystal.

This time around I’m leaving the Skeksis at home and heading to Montreal Comicon to talk about the world of Thra, which is the setting for the movie.

The Dark Crystal and the World of Thra: Henson’s ‘Middle-Earth’

Date & Time:  Sept 13th at 1:00 PM until 1:45 PM

Location: Room 512a

Jim Henson’s 1982 cult classic The Dark Crystal only gave us a glimpse into the complex world of Thra. Much like Tolkien did with Middle Earth, Henson created a world not just a simple story. Join Del Roba as she tells you tales of the songs of Thra.


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