AAW – Cat Rescue Network

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done an Animal Awareness Wednesday (AAW) post.  I’m back at it and this week’s AAW is the Cat Rescue Network.

Cat Rescue Network (CNR) logo

“There are hundreds of homeless kittens and cats in our region. Human apathy and neglect have forced them to forage for survival. They congregate in parks, wooded areas, and alleyways; anywhere they can find food and shelter. Left to fend for themselves, their lives are a constant struggle against the cold, disease, accidents and predators.  A common misunderstanding when someone sees a cat on the street is that they are wild and undomesticated.  In fact, many of these cats are lost or abandoned – friendly domesticated animals who desperately need someone to stop and help them.”

Based on Ottawa, Ontario,  the Cat Rescue Network (CRN) is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization established in 1999 that is committed to rescuing abandoned and feral cats overlooked by the city’s animal welfare services.  As they do not have a facility, all of the cats they rescue live with volunteers in their homes (foster families) until they are adopted.  Due to their lack of “overhead”,  they are able to put all donations towards the medical bills of their rescues.

Remember the little cuties from my DRC is Foster Kitten Approved post that are pictured below? Well they’re being fostered through the Cat Rescue Network and are looking for forever homes!

Happy cats 1

They really love their Jingle Jangle crocheted cat toy their foster mom bought from me so…  if you decide to adopt one (or more!) of these cuties and reference this blog post I’ll donate a Jingle Jangle for each of them to take to their new furever homes. Their names are Redbeard (orange), Scallywag (white/beige),  Davey and Jones (tabby twins).

To see who else is available for adoption check out their Cat-a-logue of adoptable cats

You can check them out online at their website and Facebook page.





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