AAW – Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue

 This weeks Animal Awareness Wednesday (AAW) feature is on the Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue (OPRats)!

OPRats logo

Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue (OPRats) is a registered, non-profit organization working to raise awareness and share information about pet rats. They are involved in local rescue, fostering, and adopting. They advocate adoption over purchasing rats from pet stores or breeders, as the supply of rats far exceeds the demand, and the conditions at commercial breeders who supply pet stores with their rats are inhumane. (See rat advocacy to learn the truth about pocket pet breeders and why they do not support or condone these businesses.) Their mission is to encourage, educate and support rat-parents and potential rat-parents so that more rats can have happier, healthier lives.

Until November 1st there is an online art auction happening to help raise extra funds.

OPRats 1

Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue on the Web


Facebook Page





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