Great Review for DelPack Wrist Therapy

Obviously we love good reviews from customers, but sometimes one is special and has to be shared.

The following review is from someone who commissioned two of my hand & wrist therapy bags via my Etsy shop. The reason I’m sharing is because it made me so happy to know I really helped someone.

Original review on Etsy

5 out of 5 stars.

We are using this wrist pack on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon and an opthamologist. They relieve the swelling and pain following an extensive forearm surgery, and also help long-term to reduce the pain of arthritis that remains in the wrist. The design also allows the pack to be used on top of the eyes to reduce Blepharitis, a condition that was complicating eye health after cataract surgery. Del did a wonderful service that is having a direct and curative impact on our health! The open-thumb feature allows the wearer to continue working on computer, doing housework, almost any activity. And, the tie-up laces make individual adjustment easy, re-adjustment for any inflammation a snap, and also easy to tug open or snug with the free hand. Many warm thanks for this wonderful health accessory!!


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