Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides

One week from today,on May 28th, my little buddy Emma, her mother, and I will be taking part in a wonderful charity walk event and could use your help!

Team Emma Poster

For more than 30 years, the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides has been a vital national fundraiser in support of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Taking place in more than 240 communities across Canada, the Walk raises funds to provide life-changing Dog Guides to Canadians with physical and medical disabilities at no cost to them.

We will be participating in the Pet Valu Beechwood walk from the store to Stanley Park.  It’s a pretty fair distance to walk when your legs are only four inches long like Emma.  So far, with in person donations, we’re a little past half way to our goal of $200.

Any sponsorship donations would be greatly appreciated and can be done online on our Walk Page (under Del Roba).

Donations raised go towards raising and training of these dogs. Each dog costs roughly $25,000 CAD to raise and train. They are provided to those who need them for NO COST.

Six different types of dogs are raised and trained by Dog Guides;

Canine Vision for people who are blind or visually impaired
Hearing Ear for people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Autism Assistance for children who have autism spectrum disorder
Service for people who have a physical disability
Seizure Response for people who have epilepsy
Diabetic Alert for people who have type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness

For more info check out these web links;

Pet Valu Walk For Guide Dogs main site

Walk Page for Beechwood Event

Team Emma’s walk page

Dog Guides Website






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