The Shop

The Internet is ruled by cats and active imaginations. So am I.


Welcome to Del Roba Creations, home of handmade (and pawmade) costumes, clothing, accessories and toys. Everything in the shop is lovingly crafted by my su-purr-visor Kara and myself.

After a number of years being closed I decided to reboot and reopen the shop in April of 2014. In 2013 and 2014 I had a number of experiences that made me realize that creating things is what I really love doing, and my love of costumes, animals and geeky things set my imagination into warp speed. The result being the new Del Roba Creations.

In June of 2013 I had a little fuzzball cuddle her way into my life who quickly became my muse. Though she was found in a park I didn’t rescue Kara. She rescued me and taught me a new appreciation for animals.

I started making geeky toys for her, like catnip Cheezeburgers and Alien Facehuggers, as well as anything I thought she may need. Making her things enabled me to know what was going into them, to make sure she was getting the best quality and that they would last. She’d be a sad kitty if her favorite toy fell apart in a week.

Another love of mine, which has been a life-long one, is making and dressing up in costumes. As a child I had a trunk that I kept costumes in, and like any Canadian in my age range with trunk of that kind I called it my Tickle Trunk. The name is in reference to the Canadian children’s television program “Mr Dressup” and the trunk he had. All of these years later I still have a Tickle Trunk. It’s just bigger. Now it’s time to help others grow their Tickle Trunks.

Again, welcome to the new Del Roba Creations!

~ Del (April 2014)


In June of 2014, we had a su-purr-b new edition to the DRC workshop staff named Bela! She works tirelessly helping Kara with Quality Control and she likes to talk and meet new people so she was perfect for being my Public Relations Assistant.

In September 2014, had another su-purr-b new edition to the DRC workshop staff named Tray the Stray! He works tirelessly helping the girls with Quality Control and he takes his job as Team Morale Officer very seriously. There’s always smiles when he’s around.

~Del (Sept 2014)


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