AAW – Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue (HHCR)

This week’s Animal Awareness Wednesday feature is on the Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue!


(Formerly known as HHWCC – Hungry & Homeless in the World’s Coldest Capital)

HHCR is an animal rescue organization in Ottawa, Ontario. Their goal is to save injured or found cats and try to find them permanent suitable homes. When they find or hear of a cat or family living outside on their own, a member of HHCR finds them and evaluates their situation.

In almost all cases the animals are undernourished, hurt, diseased, parasitic, dirty and sometimes freezing to death. Medical help is arranged for any cat suffering from injuries or illness. The cats are taken to a Vet for evaluation and assistance as soon as possible.

All cats are at temporary foster homes until adopted. They rely on volunteers and donations from kind individuals who care. Fosterers and adoption homes are evaluated to ensure the best situation for the cat(s).

Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue on the Web


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AAW – Under My Wing Pug Rescue

This week’s Animal Awareness Wednesday feature is on Under My Wing Pug Rescue!


Helping pugs in need and finding them a “forever loving home” where they can rest their heads at night.

Under My Wing Pug Rescue is a registered charitable organization (822 842 290 RR0001) based in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA & run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to providing a bridge between a pug’s past life and its better future.

They provide pugs with medical care including; sterilization & vaccination, loving attention, comfort, companionship, as well as offering a loving forever home.

The rescue is run completely by volunteers who donate their time, effort, and skills for the love of pugs.

They don’t have a building, formal business hours or provide an animal shelter where people can drop by, choose a pug, and then take it home. Instead all the pugs are placed in loving foster homes until they find their forever homes.


Under My Wing on the Web

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AAW – Ottawa Dog Rescue

This week’s Animal Awareness Wednesday feature is on the Ottawa Dog Rescue.

ODR logo

Ottawa Dog Rescue was founded in August 2013 by a group of dedicated dog-lovers and experienced rescuers. They are an all-breed, foster-based rescue in the nation’s capital who have dedicated themselves to helping abandoned, abused and surrendered dogs find well suited forever homes within the Greater Ottawa area.  All of their rescue dogs are provided with temporary foster home care until they find them well-matched and carefully screened forever homes.

Along with rescue, they aim to educate by bringing awareness to responsible pet ownership and the importance of spay/neutering. Rescue is about saving lives, and they will do what it takes to do rescue right, because too many lives are lost due to a lack of public awareness and resources. They want to be part of the solution and will strive to make a difference one dog at a time.

The rescue is organized as an Ontario and Federal non-profit charitable corporation #1899733. Their Charitable number is 83472 7232 RR0001.

ODR dog

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AAW – Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue

 This weeks Animal Awareness Wednesday (AAW) feature is on the Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue (OPRats)!

OPRats logo

Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue (OPRats) is a registered, non-profit organization working to raise awareness and share information about pet rats. They are involved in local rescue, fostering, and adopting. They advocate adoption over purchasing rats from pet stores or breeders, as the supply of rats far exceeds the demand, and the conditions at commercial breeders who supply pet stores with their rats are inhumane. (See rat advocacy to learn the truth about pocket pet breeders and why they do not support or condone these businesses.) Their mission is to encourage, educate and support rat-parents and potential rat-parents so that more rats can have happier, healthier lives.

Until November 1st there is an online art auction happening to help raise extra funds.

OPRats 1

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AAW – Friendly Giants Dog Rescue

This week’s AAW is Friendly Giants Dog Rescue .

 Friendly iants Logo

Friendly Giants Dog Recue is a non-profit group based in Ottawa with foster homes throughout Ontario, that was created by a network of people that became aware of the growing need to provide a safe haven and to find loving adoptive forever homes for dogs in pounds and shelters that would otherwise be euthanized.

Their rescue (FGDR) tends to work with large and giant breed dogs but they also take in highly adoptable dogs from high kill shelters in Canada. Most are seized from horrendous situations, while others come in as strays who are often abused and neglected. They do not take in owner surrenders as there are too many dogs in dire need, awaiting euthanization in these shelters across North America.

All of their rescues are fully vetted, spayed or neutered and are placed in foster homes as they do not operate a shelter environment. Therefore, the dogs receive a lot of one-on-one attention and love to help them get over whatever bad experiences they may have had, to help them gain confidence, and to understand that not all humans are cruel. All the rescues are also assessed on temperament i.e. good with kids, cats dogs etc. in order to find the perfect forever home for them.

  “All a rescue dog looks for is a warm place to sleep, food in their bellies, and a kind loving family to shower them with attention. There is nothing more rewarding than looking a rescue dog in the eyes and seeing how much they appreciate a kind face, warm heart and the unconditional love they give back, no matter what circumstances they have come from.

Friendly Giants on the Web


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Upcoming Events

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AAW – Cat Rescue Network

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done an Animal Awareness Wednesday (AAW) post.  I’m back at it and this week’s AAW is the Cat Rescue Network.

Cat Rescue Network (CNR) logo

“There are hundreds of homeless kittens and cats in our region. Human apathy and neglect have forced them to forage for survival. They congregate in parks, wooded areas, and alleyways; anywhere they can find food and shelter. Left to fend for themselves, their lives are a constant struggle against the cold, disease, accidents and predators.  A common misunderstanding when someone sees a cat on the street is that they are wild and undomesticated.  In fact, many of these cats are lost or abandoned – friendly domesticated animals who desperately need someone to stop and help them.”

Based on Ottawa, Ontario,  the Cat Rescue Network (CRN) is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization established in 1999 that is committed to rescuing abandoned and feral cats overlooked by the city’s animal welfare services.  As they do not have a facility, all of the cats they rescue live with volunteers in their homes (foster families) until they are adopted.  Due to their lack of “overhead”,  they are able to put all donations towards the medical bills of their rescues.

Remember the little cuties from my DRC is Foster Kitten Approved post that are pictured below? Well they’re being fostered through the Cat Rescue Network and are looking for forever homes!

Happy cats 1

They really love their Jingle Jangle crocheted cat toy their foster mom bought from me so…  if you decide to adopt one (or more!) of these cuties and reference this blog post I’ll donate a Jingle Jangle for each of them to take to their new furever homes. Their names are Redbeard (orange), Scallywag (white/beige),  Davey and Jones (tabby twins).

To see who else is available for adoption check out their Cat-a-logue of adoptable cats

You can check them out online at their website and Facebook page.




AAW – Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

This week Animal Awareness Wednesday is featuring Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue.

They are a non-profit dog rescue that has been in Ottawa, Ontario since September of 2007.  Although they rescue dogs of all sizes, ages and condition, Hopeful Hearts was created especially to help senior and special needs dogs. These angels are often most turned down by rescues due to the difficulty with finding adoptive homes and inherent vet costs.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the ladies from the wonderful organization at the annual Titties 4 Kitties fundraiser of which Hopeful Hearts was one of the two beneficiaries. If the rest of the people in the organization are great as these ladies, then the dogs in their care couldn’t ask for nicer  and more loving foster homes.

Here are pictures of a few of the Hopeful Hearts looking for forever homes. To find out more information and see other Hopeful Hearts head on over to their website!

Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue on the web;






AAW – Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

We all know there are plenty of rescues out there for cats and dogs, but what about the rest of our animal friends? This weeks Animal Awareness Wednesday is featuring just such a place!


The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary treats and cares for injured or orphaned wild mammals and turtles until they are healthy enough to be returned to their natural habitats. They also offer advice on co-existing peacefully with wildlife and provide humane, cost-effective ways to prevent or solve wildlife conflicts.

They have cared for more than 1,700 animals since 2005, and is the only licenced rehabilitator of small mammals serving the Ottawa and Rideau Valleys. Like most rescues they do not receive any government funding and rely entirely on donations from the general public, businesses and foundations.

For more information you can check out their website and see more great pictures of the animals in their gallery!

AAW – Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue

This weeks AAW – Animal Awareness Wednesday spotlight is on Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue!

“Sit With Me is an Ontario-based rescue who strongly believes that shelter dogs deserve better than being abandoned by those who were tasked with being responsible for them.” 

“We do not discriminate based on breed, age, medical background or current medical state. Those animals that need them most, those who are in jeopardy of losing their lives due to space or time in a shelter, will be the dogs we seek out for rescue. “

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the dogs from SWM at the Rescue Block Party a few weeks ago. All of the dogs were well behaved and happy as clams to be out and about. Some of you may remember the little guy I shared a picture of whose bandanna was so big it was a cape (pictured above). His name is Buzz and he’s currently one of the featured adoptable on their website.

Sit With Me Logo


AAW – SafePet

Pet foster program for VAW Shelter clients of Ottawa & surrounding area

This is an all new pet foster program launch June 2014 for women staying in VAW shelters of the Ottawa & surrounding region. SafePet Ottawa is dedicated to assisting women in leaving abusive partners by temporarily fostering their pets.

The SafePet Program is a joint program in Ontario that was originally designed by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH), and Action Ontarienne Contre la Violence Faite aux Femmes (AOcVF). SafePet Ottawa is one sector of the SafePet program of Ontario.

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