Montreal Comic Con 2017 – Mr Dressup Panel

This past weekend I attended Montreal Comic Con to speak at a couple of panels. It was a fun but tiring weekend, and the Zoo sure is happy I’m back home.

While there I did my panel from Ottawa Comic Con called Inside the Tickle Trunk: Mr Dressup. I had a small but enthusiastic crowd. Being an English show many francophone people didn’t know who Mr Dressup was so I wasn’t expecting the crowd to be as big as Ottawa. The crowd that was there loved it, and I made many people happy with my costume. Last minute I decided on making a Mr Dressup costume, and I ended up being very happy with it. Especially the puppets!

Now that Con season for Canada’s 150th is done this panel will most likely be retired, but the costume sure won’t!



Montreal Comic Con 2017 – Cosplay With Pets Panel

This past weekend I attended Montreal Comic Con to speak at a couple of panels. It was a fun but tiring weekend, and the Zoo sure is happy I’m back home.

I did a new panel while there called Cosplay With Your Pet. Overall it went well. Had a decent crowd considering it was a Friday afternoon at 2pm. Basically we spent 45min looking at pics of animals in cute costumes. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

I’m hoping to do it again at Ottawa Comic Con 2018. I have a number of things I want to improve, plus I plan to build costumes for animals I know so I can talk about the process etc. So be prepared for cute costume pics of the Zoo (Kara, Bela, & Tray #robacats) and my Squad (Emma and Lily B #robasquad  #wannaberobacat). I’ve also had a few different types of animals offer to be models/guinea pigs! It’s going to be a big year of miniature costuming!








DRC Comiccon Panel Mentioned In Ottawa Life Magazine

This past weekend I presented my newest panel at Ottawa ComicCon called Inside the Tickle Trunk: Mr  Dressup. Had a good turnout of people who were enthusiastic to take a trip down memory lane with me.

My little panel even got mentioned in an article from Ottawa Life Magazine entitled Classic Canadian Television Comes to Comic Con

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Ottawa Comiccon Starts Today

I’m  doing a panel about Candian children’s icon Mr Dressup. Come see what’s inside the Tickle Trunk today at 5:15pm in Meeting Room B.

New Panel for DRC at Ottawa Comiccon 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to get ready for the upcoming convention season.

For the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of talking at both Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon about the work of a childhood hero, Jim Henson. In the past my panels have been about The Dark Crystal, and building Skeksis costumes from said movie.

Photo by Katya Perin

This year I’m trading in one childhood hero for another. I will not be speaking on anything Henson related. Instead I’ll be doing a panel called

Inside the Tickle Trunk: Mr Dressup.

That’s right. I’m talking about Canadian childhood icon, and the reason so many of us love costumes… the one… the only…. Mr Dressup!!!!!

I’ll share more details when they come available.

DRC Panel Mixup at Montreal Comiccon 2016

It was a great weekend at Montreal Comiccon and would like to thank everyone who made it to my panels ‘Mythology & Symbolism of the Dark Crystal: Henson’s Middle Earth’ and ‘Henson Style Costume Building For Mere Mortals: The Dark Crystal’. I must also apologize to those who wanted to see the costume building one and didn’t get to due to a schedule mixup.

This was my third year doing the panel at both Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon. I arrived at Con and was very surprised, and honored, to discover that my little panel had made the cosplay highlights in the convention guide, and they’d given me one of the really big conference rooms.

Guide mention 2016Usually I get a good crowd at this panel and manage to fill one of the small conference rooms. So needless to say I was expecting more people than usual due to the guide mention etc.  This time I got less than I usually do and wondered why.

While wandering the Con in my Skeksis costume after the panel I met a number of people who had wanted to see it. It was then I discovered the schedule mixup both on the printed schedule and online via the app…

Schedule mxup 2016

It was showing as 10:30 Saturday night and not 10:30 Sunday morning! I’ve drawn a line that shows where the break between the days should have been in the print schedule.

So to any of you who may be reading this that had wanted to see the panel, I am very sorry. Especially to the wife of the guy I met that said my panel had been the main thing she wanted to see all weekend. Seeing as I’ve done this panel three years in a row hopefully they’ll have me back next year to do it again.


DRC at Montreal Comiccon 2016

fizzgig mont 2016

I’ll be at Montreal Comiccon this weekend doing two talks about the Dark Crystal; one about costume building and another about the Mythology & Symbolism. I’m also taking part in a panel by my burlesque troupe, Browncoats Burlesque, about nerdlesque.



Where to Find DRC at Pet Expo 2015

DRC at Pet 15

Big News From the DRC Workshop

As many of you know I’ve been mentioning some big things in store for Del Roba Creations. Today one of them got finalized. DRC will be at the Ottawa Pet Expo this year as a vendor!


Now I know some of you may be thinking “Why is this big news? It’s just another convention.”

Yes it is but, besides being the largest one I’ve done, the Pet Expo has added a new area this year that in my own small way I helped it come about. The Pet Crafter Marketplace!

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Pop Goes the Expo

Del Roba Creations is off to another convention! This time around it won’t be as a speaker but as a vendor in Artist’s Alley. On November 22 &23 I’ll be at the Ottawa Pop Expo.

Pop Expo banner

I’ll have plenty of handmade goodies for sale including crocheted scarves, superhero pet collars, pet toys, and many other things.

Quick Info

Date: November 22 & 23, 2014

Location: EY Center  4899 Uplands Dr. Ottawa ON K1V 2N6

Pop Expo Website