Here at DRC we love costumes.

From time to time we will have pre-made costume pieces available but the majority will be custom orders. If you would like something made please contact us with details of what you would like made and we will work something out.

You can contact us via the form on our Contact & Orders page or via our Etsy shop.

On this page you will find a few examples of costumes we’ve made throughout the years. You can also follow our costuming and cosplay adventures on the site’s blog.



The Skeksis are a villainous race from the 1982 Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal. They are reptilian bird-like creatures who are rapacious, whimsical and cruel. They are especially known for the big back armor they wear.

The movie is not as widely known as some of the other Henson productions and has taken on cult status. The Skeksis puppets are some of the most intricate ever made by Henson productions, and the team behind them were the foundation of the Henson Creature Shop.

Both Skeksis were made to be worn by Del at Ottawa Comiccon in their respective years.

2013 – based off SkekSil the Lord Chamberlain
2014 – based off SkekZok the Ritual Master
2015- Loosely based off Skekekt the ornamentalist
Ash Williams – 2014

Ash Williams is the ‘hero’ (and we use that term loosely) of the Evil Dead movie franchise. This character helped push the actor who played him, Bruce Campbell, towards the unofficial title of B-Movie King.

This costume was made for an act by a member of Browncoats Burlesque.

Please note that  the super cool chainsaw hand was not made by us. It was made by the talented Mr Tiegs of Ninja Titan.

Mink (Dragon Half) – 2013

Mink is the main character of the manga & anime Dragon Half. She’s a half human/half dragon teenage girl on a quest for a potion which will turn her into a full human so that she can win the love of the legendary dragon slayer Dick Saucer.

This costume was made for an act by a member of Browncoats Burlesque.


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