“Winter Is Coming” ~ House Stark,  A Song of Ice and Fire series

As much as some of us wish it would stay away, winter always comes back and brings the cold with it.  Here at DRC we do our best to fight the cold with hand crocheted scarves!

These are a sample of designs we have done so far, and we are always up to trying new ones.

Product Information


  • Adult: $30-$35 CAD 
  • Children: $20-$25 CAD


  • Adult: 153 cm x 25 cm (60in x 9.5in)
  • Children: 76 cm x 25 cm (30in x 9.5in)

Custom Scarves: You can contact us via the form on our Contact & Orders page or via our Etsy shop.

Pre-made Scarves: Can usually be found in our Etsy shop.

Laundering: Made with 100% acrylic yarn our scarves can be put in both washer and dryer for easy cleaning.



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