We all want to keep our furry companions warm. So why not make them fashionable at the same time with a winter pet coat from DRC!

With an outer cotton layer, inner quilt batting layer, and lined with fleece,  each coat is guaranteed to be cozy.  Each coat is made to measure with multi sized velcro closures on the neck and belly band making it the perfect fit.

These are a sample of designs we have done so far, and we are always up to trying new ones.

product information

Price: Ranges from $25 CAD to $50 CAD depending on the size of your pet.

Custom Coats: You can contact us via the form on our Contact & Orders page or via our Etsy shop.

Pre-made Coats: Can usually be found in our Etsy shop.

Laundering Instructions: The coats can be easily put in the washer and dryer on low heat, or hung to dry.

Measuring your pet: For each custom coat we will need three measurements from your pet.

  1. Body Length: Base of neck to base of the tail
  2. Neck: Around widest part of neck
  3. Girth: Around the widest part of the chest

Coat Measure


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