Crocheted Cat Toy Combo Pack

Shipping can get expensive. Especially when you’re buying single items. So we’ve decided to make a Crocheted Cat Toy Combo Pack!

Inluded in the Combo Pack are one of each of our Alien Facehugger Catnip toy, Catnip Cheezeburger toy, and a Jingle Jangle Crocheted Cat toy. When you buy the Combo Pack you save $2CAD off the sale price of what it would cost to buy each item individually, and you save over $15CAD on what it would cost to ship each individually.

Purchase on Etsy!

Price: $25.00 CAD

Alien Facehugger

These little guys may look scary but all they really want is to just give hugs!

Hand crocheted and stuffed with catnip, these little guys are sure to offer hours of hugs for your furever friend.


Your furry friends can now finally Has Those Cheezburgers!

Hand crocheted and stuffed with catnip, these mini burgers are sure to offer hours of tasty noms for your furever friend.

Jingle Jangle Crochet Cat Toy

It jingles. It jangles. It looks like a fuzzy rainbow octopus on a string. It’s the Jingle Jangle Crocheted Cat Toy!

Designed with many things that cats like it has a bell, dangling strings, plenty of fuzzy tentacles, and a rope so you can play as well.


Please note that the Alien Facehugger and Cheezeburger are available with polyester fiberfill in place of catnip if desired, and the items pictured in this listing are made with  Beige colored yarn.

Alien Facehugger: 9cm length x 12cm width x 1.5cm height
Cheezeburger: 5 cm length x 5 cm width x 4 cm height
Jingle Jangle: 12 cm length x 12 cm width x 6 cm height

All:  100% acrylic  yarn
Alien & Cheezeburger: catnip, polyster stuffing
Jingle Jangle: metal craft bell

Made with both regular and fuzzy acrylic yarn all of the included items can be thrown in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning if required. Please note that if the toy has catnip in it you may want to wait until it is a bit older since washing will dim the potency.


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