DRC @ Rideau High Craft Fair This Sunday

This Sunday, December 11, 2016 Rideau High School is hosting a craft fair to raise funds for the school’s concert band to attend the Music Festival in Montreal next year. As well as funds for their food cupboard.

Del Roba Creations will be in attendance at this event. On top of the usual stuff, I have some new stuff designed for Christmas and gift giving, and I’ll have holiday baking for sale. There will be cookies, and four different flavors of cookie dough truffles.

The sale was featured in the Ottawa Community News and got a pretty good writeup.


It’s free admission and parking so come on down and take a peek at numerous local artisans.


Attack of the Cute Dinos!

I LOVE getting pictures from customers of their animal companions enjoying something I made.   Especially when they’re of big, scary (cute) dinosaurs like Lexi and Olivia!






Throwback Thursday at DRC


For throwback thursday I’d just like to let you all know that I’ve started uploading some stuff to our  Youtube Channel. You can watch videos of the Roba Cats ‘helping’ me with things around here. I’ve made a playlist called DRC ‘Helpers’.



Dark Crystal Showing In Ottawa


This Sunday, July 24th, at 1:00pm the Mayfair Theater in Ottawa will be showing The Dark Crystal! For those of you who don’t know, this is the movie my Skeksis costumes come from, and my con panels.

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DRC Etsy Shop Open For Business Again

Our Etsy shop is now open again! At this time it looks like there won’t be an interruption in service via Canada Post due to ongoing labor disputes.

DRC Panel Mixup at Montreal Comiccon 2016

It was a great weekend at Montreal Comiccon and would like to thank everyone who made it to my panels ‘Mythology & Symbolism of the Dark Crystal: Henson’s Middle Earth’ and ‘Henson Style Costume Building For Mere Mortals: The Dark Crystal’. I must also apologize to those who wanted to see the costume building one and didn’t get to due to a schedule mixup.

This was my third year doing the panel at both Ottawa and Montreal Comiccon. I arrived at Con and was very surprised, and honored, to discover that my little panel had made the cosplay highlights in the convention guide, and they’d given me one of the really big conference rooms.

Guide mention 2016Usually I get a good crowd at this panel and manage to fill one of the small conference rooms. So needless to say I was expecting more people than usual due to the guide mention etc.  This time I got less than I usually do and wondered why.

While wandering the Con in my Skeksis costume after the panel I met a number of people who had wanted to see it. It was then I discovered the schedule mixup both on the printed schedule and online via the app…

Schedule mxup 2016

It was showing as 10:30 Saturday night and not 10:30 Sunday morning! I’ve drawn a line that shows where the break between the days should have been in the print schedule.

So to any of you who may be reading this that had wanted to see the panel, I am very sorry. Especially to the wife of the guy I met that said my panel had been the main thing she wanted to see all weekend. Seeing as I’ve done this panel three years in a row hopefully they’ll have me back next year to do it again.


DRC at Montreal Comiccon 2016

fizzgig mont 2016

I’ll be at Montreal Comiccon this weekend doing two talks about the Dark Crystal; one about costume building and another about the Mythology & Symbolism. I’m also taking part in a panel by my burlesque troupe, Browncoats Burlesque, about nerdlesque.



Canada Post Labor Disputes

Due to ongoing labor disputes, and possible strike, with Canada Post only digital items will be available from our Etsy shop while we look into alternate shipping methods, or until the dispute is resolved.

If you are in the Ottawa area pickup is available so it’s business as usual.


Great Review for DelPack Wrist Therapy

Obviously we love good reviews from customers, but sometimes one is special and has to be shared.

The following review is from someone who commissioned two of my hand & wrist therapy bags via my Etsy shop. The reason I’m sharing is because it made me so happy to know I really helped someone.

Original review on Etsy

5 out of 5 stars.

We are using this wrist pack on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon and an opthamologist. They relieve the swelling and pain following an extensive forearm surgery, and also help long-term to reduce the pain of arthritis that remains in the wrist. The design also allows the pack to be used on top of the eyes to reduce Blepharitis, a condition that was complicating eye health after cataract surgery. Del did a wonderful service that is having a direct and curative impact on our health! The open-thumb feature allows the wearer to continue working on computer, doing housework, almost any activity. And, the tie-up laces make individual adjustment easy, re-adjustment for any inflammation a snap, and also easy to tug open or snug with the free hand. Many warm thanks for this wonderful health accessory!!

Lots of New Stuff Coming to the DRC Workshop

Now that the Ottawa Pet Expo is over it’s time to concentrate on the home front. Lots of new stuff will be making an appearance in our Etsy shop and here on our site in the next little while. Some of it was available at the Expo and some of it is brand new! Until it’s all up keep an eye on our Facebook page since much of it is available there first.